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Stealers + Complaint + Remain Untamed 

Stealers + Complaint + Remain Untamed
Fri 1 Sep - 20.00 H

Headbangers Concerts And Stronger Than Before Bookings Presents:

Stealers (NL)
From classic rock magazine december 2013:
Imagine Chuck Berry on ' a weekend-long crime spree with AC/DC driving the getaway car. That's the kind of super sleaze these Rotterdam widow makers peddle. This might be the most percussive rock record I've heard in years. Every riff sounds like a skull slamming into a wall. Does rock'n'roll still need a "most dangerous band"? If so. l think I found 'em.

Compalint (NL)
Complaint from Brabant plays a mix of Oi!, punk and hardcore, and they have only one rule: They're right, you're wrong. What you can expect: a lot of noise, a lot of booze and a lot of complaining.

Remain Untamed (NL)
Remain Untamed is a new crossover thrash band which evolved from the remains of Brutal Obscenity. Adding Hans (ex-T.C.F.), Vinnie (ex-S.O.S) Patrick and Stein (ex-Brutal Obscenity, ex-Egghead and ex-Plough) to the line-up. Currently the band is hard at work writing
new material but some old Brutal Obscenity songs will definitely be in the live set!

With the one and only DJ Ferdy Deadpool (NL)


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